Customized for You

Solana Flooring showcases the most current styles and some of the most unique brands in Hardwood Flooring. We are committed to finding the best fit for our clients’ needs. We can also custom design any Hardwood species to your color, width, length, and distressing specifications for your project.

There is a lot of buzz about Hardwood flooring lately!

The Hardwood Flooring options have expanded over the years to accommodate customer needs. We are  no longer held to the same building condition, restrictions and requirements of traditional Hardwood Plank Flooring.

You’re probably asking yourself, why are there so many options and how do I navigate the choices?

Made from real hardwood lumber, unlike Luxury Vinyl Plank(LVP, SPC, or WPC) that is made up of a printed image adhered to a man-made Stone Plastic or Wood Plastic Composite plank or tile core to imitate a hardwood style flooring.

Made from a solid piece of hardwood lumber that has been cut down to hardwood planks.
There are no additional veneers adhered to the surface or the underside of the plank.

Made from real hardwood lumber that has been cut down to a veneer sized layer that is then used as a hardwood surface layer adhered to an additional bottom plank.

It’s important to note that the construction of the bottom plank can vary greatly. You will most often see a multi-ply plywood, or even smaller solid planks
of hardwood that are running horizontally across the back of the hardwood veneer layer.

Engineered Hardwood has gained in popularity in the flooring industry for good reason. With the engineered bottom plank being created and constructed to add stability and
prevent expansion and distortion over time, manufacturers have been able to increase the width and length of hardwood flooring that might not otherwise be a suitable profile for flooring use.

Made from real hardwood lumber that has been cut down to thinner strips of wood planks than solid hardwood flooring. Most often found without a tongue and groove or clipping system to hold the planks together and are commonly used to create hardwood flooring in intricate patterns.
Made from a small range of varying constructions. A real hardwood veneer surface layer adhered to a wood composite plank bottom. Best explained as a laminate floor with a real hardwood veneer instead of a printed paper image like a traditional laminate floor.

Made from real hardwood lumber that has been cut down to a veneer sized layer and is adhered to a man-made rigid core plank.

A newly emerging flooring product that has been adding quite some confusion to the line up. The man-made rigid core plank can vary in construction and is often a Stone Plastic Composite plank.

Best explained as a Vinyl Plank with a real wood veneer instead of a printed image like traditional vinyl floor.